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Bolton Cardiac Support Group-Official Site

CHAIRMAN: Mr. David Houghton. Tel: 01204 300661
CARDIAC REHABILITATION (RBH) Tel: 01204 390390 Ext. 5131
SECRETARY: Mr. Robert Findlay... Tel: 01204 527464

Bolton Cardiac Support Group

Outline Heart with BCSG

(Registered Charity No. 1005424)

BCSG Logo designed by students at St. James's High School, Farnworth.

Advance Notice: Please make a note in your diaries against 5th September 2015. We are organising a 25th Anniversary Dinner at Dunscar Golf Club. Full details to be announced later.


Wednesday Evenings 7.30pm - 9pm approx
Venue - Friends Meeting House, Silverwell Street, Bolton.
(Refreshments 7.10 - 7.30pm).
Limited car parking at front of building. Manned car park at PCT building "next door" from 7pm to 7.25pm).

JAN. 21st
FEB. 18th
MAR. 18th
APR. 15th
MAY 20th
JUNE 17th
JULY 15th
AUG. 19th
SEP. 16th
OCT. 21st
NOV. 18th
DEC. 16th

Meeting Cancelled
Stephen Lawrence - Prison Governor
Cardio Thoracic Surgeon - Mr H Abunaser
The History of Medicine - Dr Lewis
Hospital Chaplaincy
AGM + Mayor's Attendant
Dick Kerr Ladies' Singers
Cardiovascular imaging
Anaesthetist - Niall O'Keefe MRI
Dr Karen Lipscomb - Cardiologist RBH
Christmas Social Event


The Bolton Cardiac Support Group (BCSG) meets every month to offer friendship and support to people who are experiencing or recovering from some form of coronary (heart) illness such as angina, heart attack, heart surgery or ischaemic heart disease. (The welcome also extends to their "carer" - spouce, partner, family member or friend).
Our monthly meetings cover subjects such as diet, medication, exercise and more. Each month we have a speaker (cardiologist, doctor, pharmacist, cardiac rehabilitation specialist, etc.) who gives a brief presentation which is then followed by a question and answer period. We also occasionally have some non-medical topics and social meetings.
So, if you think the BCSG might be of help to you, then why not come along and join us. You have nothing to lose but perhaps a lot to gain!

The Bolton Cardiac Support Group was founded in 1990 by Anne Kaneen, MBE.
At that time, Anne was working as a Senior Sister/Cardiac Rehabilitation Sister in the Coronary Care Unit of the Royal Bolton Hospital. She has said that "people who have suffered a heart attack or undergone cardiac surgery require specialist help, both in the hospital and the community setting. Not only do they need to be restored to full activity, but they and their families require advice and support to promote well-being, and to reduce the risk of recurrent attacks".
Following her retirement in 1999 due to ill health Anne became Chairman of the Group. In this capacity she worked hard to publicise the support and activities of our charity and also represented the Group at other related forums within the borough.
Anne died on the 16th January 2015. Tributes etc. can be found on the Bolton News website: - http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/

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